Victim Support Group

If you would like to be part of our online supportĀ group, please contact [email protected]


We have a team of intercessors stationed to pray for victims and their families. They are available to pray
for specific
situations as well: [email protected]

Support Teams


It is so encouraging for those who are hurting to hear testimonies from others who have successfully come through abusive situations! Please send your testimony to:
[email protected]

Support Voice4Victims

Please help us help victims of sexual, spiritual, domestic and physical abuse in the church through the following services:


  1. Helpline
  2. Victim Support Groups
  3. Intercession for Victims and Families
  4. Support Teams for Victims
  5. Counselors, Therapists, Healing and Deliverance
  6. Victim Resources
  7. Legal Counsel
  8. Awareness
  9. Production and Distribution of Media
  10. Resource Development

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