It wasn’t just the sexual abuse that hurt; it was feeling that he had raped my soul.
Survivor of sexual abuse by church leader

Victim Support

Helpline: [email protected]

We recognize that many victims of spiritual, physical, domestic, and sexual abuse in the church have not had a voice. In many instances they are left feeling isolated, ashamed, confused, anxious, not knowing who to talk to or what to do.

We want to hear your story. At [email protected], you have a safe place to share. There is also a private online support group that you can request to join. We have intercessors who will be praying for you and they will receive your specific prayer requests. We have prayer ministers who can contact you and minister to you in prayer. We have collected professional counselors, therapists, and social workers that we can refer you to if you feel you need that level of support.

We are also continuing to build our resource catalog to offer education and understanding of abuse in the church, how to recognize spiritual abuse, training for ministering to those who have been victims, and resource to help you walk out your healing.

We welcome testimonies that we can post from those who have been victims and have overcome. Send us your testimony with the keys and steps that helped you to rise up as an overcomer. Your story will help encourage others, build faith and hope, and remind those who are hurting that they are not alone.

If you have legal questions, we have legal advisors who have answered questions that are frequently asked. If you have a question that is not in our FAQs, please send us your question and we will respond.

We are so glad you’re here… it is our privilege to hear what is in your heart and offer you support as you heal.

Helpline: [email protected]


Victim Support Group

If you would like to be part of our online support group, please contact [email protected]


We have a team of intercessors stationed to pray for
victims and their families. They are available to pray for specific
situations as well: [email protected]

Support Teams

  • Offer listening ears and friendship
  • Ministry teams who can pray for healing and deliverance
  • Refer victims to vetted professional counselors and therapists
    with discounts for services.


It is so encouraging for those who are hurting to hear testimonies
from others who have successfully come through abusive
situations! Please send your testimony to:
[email protected]

Are you a victim? Do you know someone who has been hurt in the church?

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Contact the free helpline

Many victims do not know to whom to reach out.  They have lost trust. Through the email HELPLINE, [email protected], victims will be able to
reach out in confidentiality to a seasoned support team.

Private Facebook Support Group

This is a private group for those who have been victimized to receive support and encouragement from each other and from seasoned leaders who direct this team. Access to this group will be by invitation only. To request access email [email protected]

Public Social Media Pages

We will utilize a public Facebook ( forum as
well as Instagram (@voice4victims) to help reach those who need help.

Request Prayer & Intercession

We have a team of skilled intercessors assigned to pray for those who are victims. Start out by accessing our helpline at [email protected]

Tell Us Your Story

How has God helped you through your process toward healing. We want to help share the stories of victory for those on the other side of abuse. Send your story to [email protected]

Supporting Voice 4 Victims

Please help us help victims of victims of sexual, spiritual, domestic and physical abuse in the church through the following services:


  1. Helpline
  2. Victim Support Groups
  3. Intercession for Victims and Families
  4. Support Teams for Victims
  5. Counselors, Therapists, Healing and Deliverance
  6. Victim Resources
  7. Legal Counsel
  8. Awareness
  9. Production and Distribution of Media
  10. Resource Development

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