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It’s Just a Hand, What’s so Bad About That?

Written by Dawn Weaver There is no doubt that pornography has become a pervasive influence in our culture. This multi-billion dollar industry is aggressively making inroads into our society at an alarming rate. You no longer have to look for porn; it is looking for...

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How Should the Church Respond to Abusers?

Written by Dr. Diane Langberg, Ph.D There has been much discussion about what a church should do when confronted with an abuser in its midst. Such a question cannot begin to be adequately or wisely answered unless we first grasp the truth of what it means to be an...

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Five Steps toward Change

Written by Renée Bosco For much of the last three years, I have spent a large amount of time walking through the intricacies of a church leader sexual abuse case. The perpetrator, my former boss, was a well-known charismatic ministry leader. Through this process, I’ve...

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How to Know if Repentance is Real – Look for This Fruit

Written by Jake Kail In a previous article, I explained that false repentance is a common tactic of habitual hypocrites and abusers of various kinds. How do we know if repentance is real or feigned? This excerpt from Hypocrisy Exposed explains what fruit to look for...

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Why Jesus Spoke So Strongly Against Hypocrisy

Written by Jake Kail Have you ever wondered why Jesus came down so hard against hypocrisy? He spoke very strongly against it, and gave scathing rebukes to those who were living as habitual hypocrites. This will make more sense to us when we understand the true nature...

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Why Hypocrites Hate the Pure in Heart

Written by Jake Kail Chronic abusers and habitual hypocrites often have an irrational hatred toward those who are truly godly and pure in heart. Why is this so? This excerpt from Hypocrisy Exposed explains how this works: Chronic hypocrites have an irrational hatred...

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